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Josh "The Hammer" Sleigh #76

"I reside in Oceanside Ca. and I am a pioneer from the sport of surfing with the aerial surf movement. I am an avid cross over athlete who has competed as a professional in other board sports besides surfing. That said I’ve been quoted as a renaissance man as well a baccaneer with how I have lived my life chasing the action sports dream." - Sleigh

Bike info:

2002 Harley Davidson Sportster Hard Mount with S&S 1200 Hooligan kit


I started racing 4 years ago by cutting my teeth racing in the beginner Hooligan class. When I started I heard about the Super Hooligans series that drew in the likes of pro racers. Some crash’s set me back the first year learning the new level of speed in the series. Set backs (Crash) are opportunities in life that create lessons if you choose to grow from them, cross roads to say the least. During that time I experienced how strong the support system I had in place with friends that cared about me. Truly I’m a blessed man in that regards, as well I realized I desired to keep racing. I ended up taking a Moto Anatomy Flattrack class and that enabled me to ride much more safer with the skills I developed. 2019 became a year of testing those skills. First it started in Oregon and The 1 moto race where I made the main. From that point life took a turn in support and I ended up getting the chance to chase the series. In the end I ended up 7th overall for last year and hit my target with making it into the top 10, an idea accomplished.


"For the 2020 season I am ready mentally and I am humbled. The lesson from last year taught me to rip what I got. I’m running a strong engine in 2020 but my suspension is my proponent. I have a set target to better my efforts over last years 7th, yet currently for 2020 not having a budget to race thats being unrealistic. I know I am capable of bettering last years results. Honestly for me it is just making it to the first race of this season. That is my target. Last years support I am truly grateful. As I sit here typing this up it really opens my eyes to how special last years charge and accomplishment was. If given the opportunity for a full series run I now know what it takes to run in the top 10. Thank you again all who work the series to make it a reality." - Sleigh   

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