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Qualification For The Race

Due to the high number of riders signed up for this year’s event, we will abide by the 110% rule to qualify for the race. As we are essentially racing two classes together (water-cooled and air-cooled) so, the 110% rule will be based on the fastest Air-cooled American V-twin lap time. While we understand that this may eliminate some riders from the grid for the main race on Sunday, it is essential to ensure a safe race for all riders in the class.


“To qualify for the race, a rider must achieve a time at least equal to 110% of the time recorded by the fastest rider of the qualifying session(s). Any rider who fails to achieve a qualifying time may be permitted to take part in the race provided that in any of the free practice sessions he has achieved a time at least equal to 110% of the fastest rider in the same session. Any decision made to permit a rider to take place in a race is dependent on space available as determined by Race Direction. Provisional starts may be applied for and approved by the Race Direction.”


Load-In & Credential Info

Load in for Super Hooligans teams will begin at 9am on Thursday July 7th. All teams MUST enter racetrack through the back entrance on South Boundary Road (see details and map below). DO NOT USE MAIN FRONT ENTRANCE. Schedule and specific load-in details for each team can be found at these links:

Laguna Team Load In DOC.pdf (

2022 WEATHERTECH RACEWAY LAGUNA SECA | MotoAmerica Registration


All teams and crew members will need to check in at the credential office first, before load-in, to sign waivers and pick up their wristbands. Credential office is located at the end of South Boundary Road. You must have your credentials beforehand.


Registration Hours

Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm


Paddock Entrance (back way into Laguna Seca)


*VERY IMPORTANT* do NOT follow GPS directions to track or you will not be able to access credentials office on Boundary Road

  • From Highway 68 take Highway 218 NORTH

  • Turn RIGHT onto General Jim Moore Blvd. (Light)

  • Turn RIGHT onto South Boundary Road

*don’t forget to stop at credentials office in turn-out before reaching paddock

  • End at Laguna Seca Paddock

SuperHooligan Technical Inspection Times

Thursday 4:00PM

Friday 7:00AM-8:00AM *NO INSPECTIONS after 8:00AM*


Technical Inspection Notes

Bikes will need to be properly outfitted for road racing. Below are some key notes for reference. Be sure to look over the rulebook and ensure your bikes are ready to race before taking them for technical inspection.

2021-MotoAmerica-Regulations-v6.01.21-Final.pdf (

2022-MotoAmerica-Regulations-v12.31.21-Final.pdf (

  • Super Hooligan number plates are mandatory on front and each side of the bike – for new riders, these will be available for pick up at Moto America Technical Control. You will need to install plates BEFORE taking your bike for technical inspection.

  • Front & Rear wheel sizes are free, DOT street or race tires are permitted but ALL tires on the racetrack MUST be Dunlop brand.

  • Single or Dual front disc brakes

  • Front brake lever guard

  • Sprocket "Toe Guard" / "Shark Fin"

  • Rain Light Required

  • Full coverage belly pan for fluid containment (minimum 4 quart capacity)

  • Safety wire (ALL brake caliper mounting bolts, oil filter, oil fill cap, oil drain bolts) and various safety measures as specified by Moto America. 

  • No glass allowed. Headlights, taillights, mirrors, etc. must be taped or removed.

  • Recommended minimum 52 degrees of lean angle​

  • Transponders are required – we will NOT have any transponders available to loan or rent so make sure to bring yours with you!

  • Road race leathers are mandatory

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