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Tyler Bereman #653

Bereman is a Dirt Bike Kid from the central coast of California. When he’s not sliding sideways on his Super Hooligan bike, you can catch him tossing his Dirt Bike damn near upside down with some of the most whips ever witnessed. Tyler’s a charming young man with a magnetic personality who’s creating and living the reality he dreamt it could be. Tyler’s one piece of advice for those hoping to follow in his footsteps. “Do less”


Indian FTR 1200


Now he's a 6-time X Games medalist with a SAG card. He had a great X Games Minneapolis 2019 showing winning Best Whip and earning silver in QuarterPipe High Air. Not bad considering Bereman was still recovering from major injuries suffered in September 2018. While preparing for a ride day in Australia, Bereman's bike ran out of gas on the face of a jump and he tore his right ACL (for a 4th time!) and severely broke his right foot. He didn't start riding again until June 2019 and claims he was only 80% recovered at XG MPLS 2019.

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