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Andy Dibrino #62

Two time SHNC champion! "I was born in Portland, and I live in Tualatin. I’ve been there my entire life. First time I rode was at a track called Albany Motocross, and I learned how to ride with Justin Hill. It was just me and him on our PW50s on the kid’s track." -Andy

Bike info:

Harley Davidson Street Rod XG750 set up by See See Motorcycles



I grew up racing motocross and my neighbor was Matt Bisceglia. We went to school together. Then when I was 13, the U.S. Red Bull Rookie Cup tryouts were announced and that was the first year that my dad got a Ducati track bike. We started watching MotoGP, went to Laguna Seca, and that’s where I heard about it. We were watching MotoGP there and I was like, “Dad, I got to go try this.” I got accepted into the Cup try-outs, and that was also around the time that I started in Supermoto.

Hooligan racing started for me in 2017 when RSD (Roland Sands Design) announced the Super Hooligan series and I had commitments through the whole MotoAmerica season. When I found out all this money they were putting up and the prize [a new Indian FTR750], I said, “Hey, dad, I got this XG750 that See See Motorcycles has [Andy’s sponsor], that’s set up. I got to do this.” There was a shot to win a motorcycle and make money for real.

He wasn’t too happy about it at first, just because he didn’t know what Super Hooligan was going to be, if it was going to be the real deal or not. It was a risky move, but it paid off huge. I was able to win the championship by a single point over Joe Kopp. It totally paid its dividends.

The crazy part was I led the series for most of the season, but then I had a road race meeting at my home track, Portland International Raceway, with the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association. I had to do that. There was no way I could back out of it, so I missed a round and forfeited my points lead, but the double-header gave me the opportunity to be back in the hunt.

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