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Joe Kopp #1

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Your 2019 Super Hooligan National Champion Hailing from Mica, Washington. Joe began his Pro career in 1993 and won the AMA Grand National Championship in 2000 Joe is also Pikes Peak Class winner. Joe. Joe is a PRO, that’s why he cant win our championship no mo.

"My dad and uncle were both very good local racers and competed in motocross, hiilclimb, xcountry and flattrack. I grew up riding dirt bikes in the local hills/mountains of Mica Peak with my two cousins, Lonnie & Rob Kopp. After high school I spent the next ten years learning how to master the woods in xcountry and desert hare n hound races but after some serious desert racing injuries I found flattrack and seemed to love it. " - Kopp


Harley Davidson XG750


"So I was a late bloomer in flattrack but I always said that if they ever throw a log on the Springfield mile then the other guys are screwed and I'll be ready, LOL. I got my pro dirt track license at 23 years old and went fulltime dirt track racing when I was 26. After a few years of competing I managed to bring home the Grand National Championship overall #1 in the year 2000." - Kopp

"I stayed in the top 5 for the next ten years and ended up 2nd overall in points like 5 times, Ouch!!! I had a heck of a good time and decided to call it quits in 2010 as I was ready to quit living on the edge. I then competed in road racing for part of a season in the Harley XR1200 class and had a blast. Then a few years later I started doing this Hooligan thing and was having a blast and in 2019 be brought home the big fat #1 . Nowdays I'm chasing my son Kody Kopp around the track and trying to keep up with the family. What a ride" - Kopp

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