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Id like to say my riding style is THE STYLE. No one has the smoothness or style I bring. You do me wrong on the track and ill come back and do you worse. Im the nicest one on the track and am usually the first guy to stop at a downed racer. I’m looking for a fight on the track either on or off my motorcycle!


Ducati Scrambler


I was just 3 years old when my dad was having a bbq and decided that I was ready to ride for the first time. Not ride a nice 50, or something with training wheels, but a sketchy Bonanza mini bike that he had put a 5HP brigs and Stratton motor into, and if you have ever ridden one as an adult they aren’t easy, I took off across the yard, hit the Dog, swapped and headed right for a fence, of course my dad couldn’t catch me and I went right through the fence and into the neighbors yard! Fast forward about 9 years of riding everything from mini bikes to stealing my dads bikes, I found myself in my first district 37 Ama Hare and Hound race at 12 years old. Lined up on a 125, I had no idea what 90 miles of desert punishment was about to happen. Coincidently enough I raced the same races as RSD's own Camereon Brewer and had no idea for many years. I raced until I was 18 years old when fabrication took all of the extra time away from me, I Found myself fresh out of high school and being filmed for HotRod Tv, building Hotrods I dreamed about my whole life. By the time I was 19 I had been on many shows filling in as a fabricator. My first entire show about me being one of the youngest builders around came out in 2008 airing on the Speed Channel called “Nineteen28” pushing racing away even further. I soon started to build some vintage British choppers cause it was only natural to do so being a motorcycle lover, while getting married in 2010 to my bestie Kati and riding into our wedding on my 66 triumph I had built. Years past, and between kids in 2013 I wanted to build a “street tracker”(naturally growing up watching Roland on biker build off led me down this rabbit hole) I always loved the look of a flat-tracker from the racey,slim,dual 19” wheels,high dual exhausts to the killer tail sections and paint. I bought a cheap 1200 sportster, sourced some old XR750 bodywork, exhaust, machined some parts and came out sliding on a killer little sporty that coined the name “Mert “ . 

A few years earlier I traded some shady Mexican dudes from Long Beach a POS sportster for an old BSA chopper that some dude had died on. Not realizing years later I would become best friends with these guys when I put together MERT. It was Shaun and Aaron Guardado. We went to a couple races in Ventura,and Perris when there was literally 4-5 of “hooligans” total. I started winning a few races here and there and I was hooked! The racing started growing and I sold my bike to fund other projects like an idiot, till a friend wanted me to help build a replica off of MERT, so I did. And when it was finished I showed up to my first “Superhooligan” race out in glen Helen ampatheater in the summer of 2016 dubbed the “grass track” as the 110 degree day drug on, I won every heat, scrapped with the Guardados, had an insane battle with Roland and Andy bell, and went to the main event where I took off, never looked back and Won the damn thing! At the time I was painting for Airtrix(which I’m no longer with) painting all the RSD bikes that came out of rolands building. After the race Roland and Cameron offered me to come ride one of the Newly built Indian scouts at the next race. I found myself in Sturgis South Dakota, exhausted from driving straight through with just enough time to get practice in. They gave me the bike that “no one has really had any luck on that bike” with a dented up tank, looked like it was kick flipped, an exhaust that appeared to have melted many boots on sitting there with a #47 on the plates. I was in love! The day went on, I followed Jake Zemke and Cam brewer around in the main and ended up 3rd, hyped on a podium finish half way across the country, I went and got a little wild on a free ride around the track, ending up smashing into a hay bale the size of a large truck, and forever burning my spot with the Roland Sands crew and Indian motorcycle, oh and the number 47 stayed! I have been on the same motorcycle going into my 3rd year and he’s part of my family now, he’s won me piles of trophies, injuries, and more smiles than I can even remember, ol47 is the fuckin shit!!!!!

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