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Stephanie Pietz #57

Stephanie Pietz is new to Hooligan racing. She started out 3 years ago on a borrowed bike showing up as often as she could to ride. She fell in love with The Super Hooligan Series and committed to buying herself a 1996 HD Sportster 1200. 

Bike info:

1996 HD Sportster 1200


Mz. Pietz comes from a motocross background and has been riding since she was 20 years old. She had no race background and no riding history in her family prior to falling in love with motocross. She built her first Hooligan bike with the help of the Suicide Machine Co. brothers Shaun and Aaron Guardado. The brothers were able to help her piece together a bike with their leftover parts and get her onto the track.  That’s how Stephanie began her love affair with Hooligan Racing.


When she’s not on the track you can find her slinging drinks for some of the country’s biggest events like Barrett Jackson and AZ Bike Week. Stephanie is also an international model and can often be found gracing the covers of her sponsors catalogs, posters, and other such marketing materials.

“I’m here to stay! Checkers or wreckers!” -Mz. Pietz

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