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Jolene Van Vugt #63

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Raised around Motocross, Jolene always at the tracks, playing in the dirt and cheering on her Dad and brother. At age 10 Jolene asked her Dad if racing was something she too could do and the rest is history! 

Bike info:

Indian Scout Sixty


Competitively racing all over North America since 16, in the CMRC, AMA & WMX. As well as competing at X Games, in woman’s Supercross and EnduroX. In 2006 Jolene helped create a National Series for Women in Canada, also becoming the first to claim the title of the series that year, being the first Canadian Women’s National Series Champion.

In 2005 during some downtime between WMX races Jolene was hanging out at Travis Pastrana’s house in Maryland, the Pastranaland compound. At the time Travis was looking for a strong, durable and committed girl to teach how to backflip and there Jolene was, becoming the first female to backflip a full-sized dirt bike. So then there was the flip and like a snowball effect right into the Nitro Circus Crew, Jolene became the first official female member, earning the label ’Nitro Girl” which was given with backflip-base jumped into the Grand Canyon along side Travis on their dirt bikes. For 12 years Jolene traveled the world with Travis and the Nitro crew, filming action sports DVD’s, an MTV tv show, an NBC Sports tv show, a 3D movie and live stadium shows for thousands of people, largest being 32 thousand.

In 2011, Jolene was noticed by the stunt industry and hired to double Anne Hathaway on the Batpod in the last installation of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. This experience gave Jolene everything she needed to fall in love with the Hollywood stunt world, to which she now makes her living.

Last year Jolene raced multiple Hooligans race on the schedule between stunt jobs atop her Roland Sands Design Indian Scout Sixty and found yet again another way to experience and love motorcycles. Hooked on Hooligans you can catch Jolene a the races once again this year with the RSD team! 

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